ELA Comprehensive insights of outcomes based on AU strategic plan

africaa dreams Among the major characteristics of a leader is being it, developing it and eventually doing it. Emerging leaders Africa have not been exceptional. Having a responsibility to contribute and address some of the pressing issues Africa is going through, ELA has adopted African Union strategic plan (see here http://www.au.int/en/sites/default/files/The_AU_Commission_Strategic_Plan_2014-2017.pdf) on which they are using to frame policies on.

African Union  Commission  Strategic  Plan 2014-2017 constitutes framework  that  outlines the overall  priorities of the Commission for  the four  year period, and provides guidance for program formulation and prioritization. In order to achieve the African vision, the Commission is driven by the belief  that the African dream of integrated continent offering secure, decent livelihoods and the free movement of people, goods and services is not only achievable but can be done in a shorter time frame thus adapting the AU strategic plan. The overall goal of having the AU strategic plan is to accelerate progress towards an integrated, prosperous and inclusive Africa, at peace with itself, playing a dynamic role in the continental and global arena, effectively driven by an accountable, efficient and responsive Commission. Over the four years of the Strategic Plan period, the Commission seeks to accelerate progress towards a stable, peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa within a good governance environment, while paying particular attention to women, youth and other marginalized and vulnerable groups. The commission is therefore focused on addressing eight key priorities which  this strategic plan has   translated into concrete and  annualized targets in  the  following  key  areas that  impact directly on the welfare, lives and livelihoods of Africans in all walks of life.

  • Human capacity development focusing on health, education, science, research, technology and innovation
  • Agriculture and  agro  processing
  • Inclusive  economic development through industrialization, infrastructure development, agriculture and  trade and investment
  • Peace, stability and good governance
  • Mainstreaming women and youth into all our activities
  • Resource mobilization
  • Building a people-centered Union through active communication and branding
  • Strengthening  the  institutional  capacity  of  the  Union  and  all  its  organs.

After comprehensive discussion with the entire members, they resonated to begin elaborating two outcomes on the AU commission strategic plan, according to the time schedule. Here are the outcomes;

#4# promoting Good governance and democracy  

#5# promoting Legal and Shared Values instruments, based on African and Universal instruments, particularly those focusing on the rights of women, youth, persons with disabilities and children.

Some of the actions drawn from output #4# include the following;

  • Ensuring effective and full implementation and ope-rationalization of the Africa Governance platforms – AGA
  • Promote  public  sector  reform  through  implementation  of  the  African  Union  Convention  on  Preventing  &Combating  Corruption,  the  African  Charter  on  Public  Service  &  Administration,  and  the  norms  on  Decentralization  and  Local  Governance
  • Facilitate/support  the  work  of  the  Africa  Peer  Review  Mechanism  APRM,  and  enhance the role  of  the  AU  in  democracy  and  governance  assessments
  • Enhance  the  effective  implementation  of  the  AU  norms and  standards  on  Governance  and  Democracy,  and  in  particular,  the  African  Charter  on  Democracy,  Elections  and  Governance
  • Strengthen  measures  to  prevent  and  address  unconstitutional  changes  of  government  and  promote/facilitate  the  Holding  of  Democratically  Free  and  Fair  Elections
  • Integrate  governance  in  academic  and  professional  education  programs
  • Set up and implement communication and advocacy campaigns and thematic media plans to raise awareness and ensure stakeholders’ information and citizens’ involvement and ownership
  • Promote  legal  instruments  that  support  justice  as  a  means  for  preservation  of  peace  and conflict  resolution

We are definitely warmed up to involve our readers to read and share ideas and suggestions with us, and together will be making the African dream a reality…



Brief history of ELA


Emerging leaders Africa, is a group of vibrant young generation brought together by a common goal of developing solutions for some of the challenges facing African continent. Having met on a youth conference, you could tell how ready they all are, by the great ideas they had and the projects they have implemented in order to contribute to their societies.

I must allude that the idea of them coming together to contribute to a common goal was the best idea born from that conference. It was about that time Emerging Leaders Africa wrote about own African stories that the world know not about. Africa is blessed with riches, brilliant people, beautiful nations,rich culture, and brave emerging young leaders.

Emerging Leaders Africa,invite you to take a tour to a new Africa where possibilities are enormous and people are bound together by love of being Africans.